Recap of the third episode of Poker Face How does Charlie get the killer to confess?

Recap of the third episode of Poker Face How does Charlie get the killer to confess? ...

The Stall, a spoiler-filled episode of the Peacock series Poker Face, has been recapped.

Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) has to solve the case for herself in "The Stall," a non-whodunit-style murder mystery.

Recap of Season 1 of Poker Face in Episode 3

George Boyle, who plays Taffy in Get Out, confesses to murder, but this isn't a cold-blooded killing; it's a personal appraisal of his career.

Taffy sneaks into his brother's house while his radio show is being broadcasted. He cleans the drugged bottle and locks the door from the outside with his famous floss. He tapes up the windows and pipes smoke into the room. Taffy is attacked by a pest, but he returns just in time.

Charlie is still on the road, although Cliff, the man who wants her dead, is going in the opposite direction, so she has a bit more time on her side. The only radio station that seems to calm the barking dog is a racist talk show.

Taffy demands money for the damage caused by the dog and George offers her a chance to pay her debt by working a shift. He’s fascinated by using different wood for different meats and compares the process to orchestrating a symphony.

George spends the day watching Okja, which forces him to reconsider his entire diet and life's work. But George goes further and declares himself a murderer before his meeting with Taffy, who he has left the family business. Once again, Charlie is caught by surprise. Armand Gamache is shown in Three Pines.

Charlie is drawn back to the murder case once again. This time the dog she was caring for was found dead by the side of the road, well it appears to be dead at first. The dog is patched up and is taken to the vets. They notify Charlie that the unfortunate creature was hit by a piece of wood. The dog's missing tooth is also discovered inside George's barbecue joint.

Taffy and Mandy (George's wife) prepare for the marriage and celebrate their earnings. Mandy confesses to the crime and kisses Taffy in private. Charlie questions the workers and then Taffy himself. She sniffs out Taffy's lies and aggressively tells her to leave. She needs to stop telling everyone her lies.

Charlie visits a local radio station and asks Austin about his different accents and personalities. He gives him a copy of Taffy's radio show from the night George was murdered. She even tests out whether or not the sixteen minutes is enough to commit the killing. Now it's Mandy's turn to ask Charlie to travel.

Charlie has all the evidence she needs and goes to confront Taffy in person. She explains the dog tooth and the floss, and the fact that the beer bottle was cleaned of evidence. The listeners have been shown exactly what Charlie is discussing. Mandy was manipulated by the DJ and is arrested once more.

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