The vampire shooter Redfall has a lot of gameplay and a release date

The vampire shooter Redfall has a lot of gameplay and a release date ...

With Developer_Direct, Microsoft and Bethesda broadcast the first major event of the new year. The vampire action game Redfall took up a lot of space, from which not only plenty of new gameplay could be seen, but also a release date!

Arkane Austin used the Developer_Direct stage yesterday evening to present one of the Bethesda blockbusters she had planned for this year. While Starfield was not featured yesterday, Redfall took up a lot of room in the presentation.

The result was more gameplay than anything, because the vampire first-person shooter created an almost 12-minute video with a few impressions, which you can see below in this report. The designers depict the open game world as well as the malicious blood-sucking residents and more.

Since yesterday, a specific new release date has been established: From May 2nd, 2023, you can begin the vampire hunt in Redfall, Massachusetts. Then you may start alone or in a cooperative mode.

If you buy early, you will receive pre-order bonuses that will also be available via Game Pass. Specifically, the "Vampire Hunter Pack" comes with a shotgun that grants 20 percent more damage for eight seconds if you have previously eliminated an opponent with it. There is also a multi-weapon skin and the Blood Ravager Stake weapon extension on board.

The Bite Back Edition includes the Hero Pass and two future heroes as well as a "Throwback Outfit Pack" which chronicles the lives of the four protagonists until Redfall.

Redfall was originally planned for 2022, but was postponed until 2023. It is now clear: The game will be released on May 2nd, 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Redfall — A Deep Dive into Gameplay

The upcoming vampire action game Redfall received about 12 minutes of new gameplay.

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