On Steam, The Hidden and Unknown costs only 1,949.09, but it teaches us how to become real men

On Steam, The Hidden and Unknown costs only 1,949.09, but it teaches us how to become real men ...

Would you pay 1.949,09€ for a game? Thanks to ProX, who published his own game, The Hidden and Unknown, which now ships on Steam for $1.949,09€.

The author decided to make the game shorter than two hours, in order to allow anyone who purchases it and wants to finish it to get a refund (Steam guarantees refunds under two hours of play, without the player having to justify them).

According to the author, the price would reflect the game's value to him, according to The Gamer: "I don't want to cause anyone financial difficulties. I just paid what I thought was appropriate for me, which is my right." It's certainly possible, but why not? Evidently the objective isn't to sell the game, but to provoke debate.

The Hidden and Unknown is a relatively autobiographical visual novel, if it weren't for some "fantastic" content, but it's the narrative that makes the whole operation clear. In fact, a testosterone imbalance is described, putting humanity on the verge of extinction.

Although the game is quite expensive, it does contain a valuable philosophical lesson that any ignorant and conspiratorial youtuber could give us for free. Nonetheless, the game continues by introducing an artificial intelligence capable of traveling through time and balancing the masculine and feminine energies (feelings) to then begin to tell about a certain Brian.

The rest of the game is composed of a series of stories from the life of the aforementioned Brian, apparently drawn from the author's life, who during the adventure transforms into a hypertestosteronic male who cannot be controlled by his ex-girlfriend (in the bottom reads The Art of War by Sun Tzu, so he's a real guy), and that he overcomes his depression by sleeping well and exercising regularly.

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