Samsung is offering 500 units to get you up to 8K when you acquire this smart TV!

Samsung is offering 500 units to get you up to 8K when you acquire this smart TV! ...

Samsung is offering a €500 rebate on purchases of this smart TV.

Published on 01/26/2023 at 07:30

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Samsung is well-known for promotional activities and in particular ODRs, but with price reductions during sales, it is an opportunity to get the most out of attractive prices. With over 1000€ in total savings, you can now take advantage of them.

ODR and Soldes have teamed up for your wallet.

Samsung continues to struggle to maintain its lead on the podium by promoting its introduction in the world of OLED, as well as a new line of QLED televisions.

Amazon has a Samsung QE65QN800B for 1889€.

QLED, a Korean manufacturer's long-standing technology, is becoming increasingly democratic and open up to other market players. Samsung then needs new arguments to keep its customers and demonstrate that its expertise is not readily available.

Samsung wants to demonstrate what their factories are capable of with the new panels installed on Neo QLED televisions. However, this approach comes at a cost both for the manufacturer who spends money on research and development and for the consumer who must pay for such a device.

This model, which is usually sold for 2999.99€, isn't suitable for all budgets. Nonetheless, Amazon allows you to get it for 2389€ during the same sales period, with a Samsung ODR of 610€ added:

After Amazon's discount, the €2999.99 price goes up to €2389 after ODR Samsung's price, which is 1889€.

8K isn't yet available, but it's already here.

Samsung has chosen a Mini-LED backlight for this new 8K model, which allows for better illumination and therefore greater intensity, while also reducing noise. Everything that should be included in this television range should therefore be enjoyed without any concerns.

Samsung's AI enables you to quickly access all your favorite applications thanks to the Tyzen home interface. However, you will pretend that no 8K content has yet been widespread, since it's been developed.

Samsung has kept things simple when it comes to external devices, including its boitier One Connect, which allows you to have a single cable that goes to the TV, and this box allows you to connect many devices remotely without losing quality.

4 HDMI 2.01 USB-C1 optical audio output1 Ethernet port1 TNT/Cable antenna socket2 satellite antenna socket

A 4K display and 120 frames per second are available for PC gamers who wish to connect their devices to this television or gamers who have older generation consoles, according to Google Assistant or Alexa.

The Samsung QE65QN800B is now available on Amazon for 1889€.

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