ChatGPT, for this Frenchman who is a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is nothing new

ChatGPT, for this Frenchman who is a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is nothing new ...

JVTech News ChatGPT is "nothing revolutionary" for this Frenchman who is the inventor of artificial intelligence.

Published on 01/26/2023 at 06:40

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Many consider ChatGPT to be revolutionary and ultra-innovative. However, others disagree, including one of the world's most well-known experts.

"It's not something revolutionary about ChatGPT," says the service.

Yann LeCun, Meta's chief artificial intelligence scientist, believes ChatGPT AI is nothing impressive. This comes from a guy who even won the Turing Award for his work in Deep Learning. His word therefore has real value and greatly relativizes the value of ChatGPT.

The scientist was a bit anti-social towards the present-day artificial intelligence. For him, it's a more buzz than a real technological accomplishment. He even goes so far as to declare that the innovation element is almost non-existent:

"OpenAI isn't a step up from other labs." It's not just Google and Meta, but there are half a dozen startups that basically have technology similar to this. It's not rocket science, but it's really shared, if you will.

If we realize that this isn't quite what we're capable of, it will also throw a little cold shower. The power of the AIs working in the background would therefore be massive.

Who is more powerful than Meta's IZA Chief Scientist to answer this question. Yann LeCun appears ready to make with their own AI a ChatBot in the style of ChatGPT. The purpose will probably be different, but according to the scientist, it would be much more powerful.

It's even possible to go further and not be limited to "text generation," but also "creation aids," and "generative art." It's a great idea.

For companies that have no resources to create a campaign from A to Z, we might see advertising campaigns created by artificial intelligence (AI) through the Facebook algorithm.

Such a project would certainly not be public as ChatGPT, as Yann LeCun explains: "On the one hand OpenAI is in search of popularity, but there is nothing to prove in the field. The risk is not worthwhile, particularly since it makes available algorithms that are worth a fortune.

Microsoft has purchased OpenAI, and it will be gradually integrated into its various applications. I'm hoping that this will not reduce the public aspect of the software.

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