After the PS5 demo, you may try Forspoken on your PC for free!

After the PS5 demo, you may try Forspoken on your PC for free! ...

News from the PS5 demo, you may download Forspoken on your PC for free!

Published on 01/26/2023 at 06:15

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Journalist Guillaume Leviach, also known as "Antistar"

Antistar preferred Nintendo and PlayStation exclusives over action games in general, from Tomb Raider to Mafia or Resident Evil, to RPGs (Final Fantasy, NieR, Persona).

Forspoken, a PlayStation 5 event title released this week in console exclusivity, is also available on PC, unlike the previous version.

Forspoken was announced in June 2020 during the release of the PlayStation 5 and was one of the most anticipated games in the Square Enix catalog while waiting for a certain Final Fantasy XVI to arrive next June. Last December, just after the Game Awards 2022, this action-RPG awaited by many players offered a PS5 demo exclusive to the Sony console.

Forspoken, released on January 24, is the very first game from Luminous Productions, who had previously worked on Final Fantasy XV. It will be available on PS5 only for PS5 players, but it may now be accessed on PC and this is where the Square Enix game can be purchased.

Here are a few highlights on the three different configurations for Forspoken on PC:minimum, recommended, and ultra.

Forspoken is available on PC and PlayStation 5 from January 24.

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