Genshin Impact's Perfect Sandstorm: How to Get the Achievement

Genshin Impact's Perfect Sandstorm: How to Get the Achievement ...

The Hadramavet Desert in Sumeru has a hidden achievement: the Perfect Sandstorm. In this article, we will explain how to obtain the achievement in greater detail.

Genshin Impact's Secrets to Get the Perfect Sandstorm Achievement

The condition "We're heading straight to atmospheric hell" will require you to enter the Hadramavet desert to obtain the Perfect Sandstorm achievement.

If you happen to stumble upon monsters in a hurricane, the surrounding area is very blurry. Be prepared for an unplanned confrontation.

Storms do occasionally occur in the area, decreasing visibility during exploration. It is clear from the appearance of the map that the project has begun.

The closer you are to Mount Damavand, the greater your likelihood of getting caught in the middle of a hurricane. However, the gust may gust at any moment anywhere in the Hadramavet Desert.

If you notice that your visibility is starting to deteriorate, then a storm is brewing. Achievement will be completed automatically when you enter the game first.

It is now possible to call and stop storms in the Sanctuaries of the genies without having to catch the storm previously. Complete the "Evergreen Dream" quest in the "Dirge of Biltzis" quest chain to increase the genie's power level.

A good option is to simply stand in a safe area and just wait. After a while, the storm will begin some way or another.

Award ceremony

The feat is listed in the Wonders of the World section. For him, five primogems are given.

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