Genshin Impact on Panjwahe Teleport: Where to Find and How to Open

Genshin Impact on Panjwahe Teleport: Where to Find and How to Open ...

A teleporter in the Panjwah Ruins in Genshin Impact is located in the north of the desert, almost near the border. Some players are unsure how to locate and activate it in this chapter.

In the Panjwah Ruins, where can I find the underground teleporter?

The Panjwah Ruins' underground teleport is situated in the northern part of the Hadramavet Desert.

Despite the fact that the teleport to be opened is underground, you may access it not underground caves, but from the surface via the fissure.

From the very beginning of your journey through the Hadramavet desert, you have access to the teleport. There are no need to go through any steps to access it – just find it.

In Panjwahe's Ruins in Genshin Impact, how do you make a teleporter?

The first teleport to Qusayr al-Inhid will lead to the teleport to the Panjwah Ruins. The route will begin from this teleport.

After arriving in Qusayr al-Inhid, go toward the robot and climb down from the ledge. Continue north along the road at the bottom of the fracture.

Run a bit forward, and then use the four-leaf symbols to get to where you need to go quicker.

If you go west from the teleport, you'll find a fish house nearby. There are several opponents near him, including Abyssal Cryo Mage and Fatui Qicin Mage, who are in an advantageous position due to the water around.

Move north to the top of the mountain, where you will find a massive robot that will guide you to your way. If you have not yet completed the main quest chain "Requiem Bilcis", you may find a giant robot on the right side.

On the right there will be a blank space with a path down the road in the event that the tasks have already been completed.

The Dendroculus is a small structure that grows near a low tree. His guardian is the Dendroculus.

Continue south until you reach the ledge near the robot arm. Succeed at the top.

Go to the edge of the cliff a little to the right and descend again into a crack in the ground. Dendrokulpick it up in the space between the bottom and the surface.

In the Panjwahe Ruins, located almost under the Dendrokul, go down even more.

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