Is Stacey and Florian on a 90-day fiasco?

Is Stacey and Florian on a 90-day fiasco? ...

'Darcey & Stacey' is a spin-off from the '90 Day' franchise where Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva (two twin sisters who appeared on '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days') document their professional and romantic lives on this reality show. Their relationship seems to be roiled with cheating allegations, drama, weddings, and more.

The 90-Day Fiance Journey of Stacey and Florian

Florian is a fitness influencer and model. Stacey is a reality TV star, actress, co-owner of a clothing company, and a proud mother of two boys. However, the hype is short-lived when Florian gets accused by Stacey's family and friends of cheating.

Stacey was put in a difficult position after she discovered TikTok videos of Florian and the woman she posed with in the earlier photos. Florian denied most of the accusations and allowed Stacey to check his phone. According to the woman, Florian was the one who approached her and told her that he felt like he was on a leash the whole four years he was with Stacey.

During the epidemic, the couple secretly married and exchanged their wedding vows. Meanwhile, the woman contacts Darcey again with proof of Florian and her being intimate. Stacey was unaware of this scandal, and she was just glad to marry her husband!

Everyone is surprised when the newly married reveal their relationship status, but Darcey is also hurt. It took a while to convince him, but she accepted that it was a fling from the past that wasn't that serious.

Season 2 saw the couple attempt to conceive, but Stacey's age and other medical issues made it difficult for the couple, which both disheartened.

Florian lashes out at the idea of changing partners in the following season. Although Stacey enjoyed a bit of jealousy, she thought this behavior was excessive.

Stacey wanted to have another wedding in Miami, one where the two sisters marry the love of their lives simultaneously. Florian strongly opposed this idea because he just received his green card and is looking forward to working again.

Is Stacey and Florian a Duo?

Stacey and Florian have still been married twice, with a "all-white" theme for the guests. They've already planned their honeymoon to a tropical island. Darcey and her ex-fiancé had a conflict in February 2022.

Stacey was interested in the couple's relationship when they first "liked" each other's photos, and she initiated the conversation. The couple has numerous arguments throughout the program, but Stacey has stated that they are still very much in love and they share a bed together every night. She loves that Florian is very close to her family, especially her father and sons.

Florian was wary of spending a lot of their money on their wedding. She wanted him to take more responsibility, and she said, "He needs to start contributing," and "I don't know where that leads us." The finances are still the cause of tension in the couple, but hope the couple overcomes it when Florian finds a decent job.

The couple appears to be fine for the time being, although some issues may pose a threat if not addressed immediately. With that said, we are 100% rooting for them to endure the long haul and reconcile their differences.

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