Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 4

Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 4 ...

Charlie Cale joins a has-been metal band named Doxxxology while the band is on tour, and she set out to unravel some loose ends to uncover why his friend died. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Poker Face Episode 4

'Rest in Metal' starts with Ruby Ruin, the lead singer of a once-popular band named Doxxxology, who is searching for a drummer for their next tour. Soon, Ruby and Gavin join the rest of the band members Al and Eskie as they perform in Wisconsin pubs and bars that aren't interested in the performance of the song at all.

Charlie investigates a job and meets Ruby, who takes her to the position of the band's merchandise seller. Since Gavin isn't a member of the band, Ruby, Al, and Eskie do not treat him well enough, leading the drummer to hang out with Charlie.

Why Do Ruby, Al, and Eskie Kill Gavin in Poker Face Episode 4?

Doxxxology was praised for their hit song "Staplehead." The song also impacted the group, making the band a has-been. Due to the lack of a hit, Doxxxology members even consider dissolving the group.

Gavin informs Ruby, Al, and Eskie that he had composed and composed a song, titled "Sucker Punch," on his own. But Al and Eskie do not want the "Staplehead" dilemma to repeat as they do not wish Gavin to receive full credit for "Sucker Punch."

"Sucker Punch" is their second chance at becoming recognized musicians once more. It is vital that the song be presented as the group's creation. By killing Gavin, the rest of the Doxxology receives equal credit.

What Can Be Done to Solve Gavin's Murder?

Gavin is electrocuted and died during a performance by Doxxxology. Al, Ruby, and Eskie tamper Gavin's amplifier and make sure that his microphone will have electricity flowing through the same. Charlie is curious about the same as Ruby, Al, and Eskie's attempt to kill Gavin.

Charlie confronts Ruby about the same without giving Gavin any credit since they deserve a second chance at becoming a recognized or distinguished band. She also learns from Deuteronomy that the amplifier that killed Gavin may be modified to make it a dangerous piece of equipment.

Charlie remembers the camera Gavin kept at the bottom of the chair to examine his footwork. Ruby, Al, and Eskie wore thick rubber soles to protect themselves from the electric shock that killed Gavin.

Charlie's as an investigator has a significant impact on Ruby, Al, and Eskie's future. On a podcast, Charlie discloses the evidence she has about Gavin's assassination.

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