Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 3

Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 3 ...

'The Stall,' Peacock's thriller series, follows Cliff Legrand's arrival in New Mexico to capture Charlie Cale for Mr. Sterling. Charlie ends her journey in Texas due to a "fascist sympathizer," along with George's wife Mandy.

Recap of Poker Face Episode 3

'The Stall' starts with George Boyle, the co-owner of Boyle's BBQ, declaring that he is a murderer. Charlie arrives in Texas and is confronted with a dog that refuses to leave the restaurant. She accepts a job at the restaurant to pay them.

Charlie gives George a set of DVDs of films that revolve around animals or pets. George begins to suspect that he is a criminal as he is killing many animals for making food. Taffy tells George that he does not want to run the joint anymore and that he and George's wife Mandy plan to sell the same to him. Taffy, who is also a radio host, record a sixteen-minute segment while he leaves the station.

Taffy locks George's trailer on a floss string from the inside and fills the same with smoke, killing his brother, who was already unconscious after drinking poisoned beer. The sheriff, who frequents the joint, declares his suicide.

What Happened to George's Murder in Poker Face Episode 3?

Charlie wonders if her friend committed suicide when she discovers that he did. She leaves Boyle's BBQ only to discover that a dog had been hit by someone on the road. She decides to look into the two strange things that happened on the same day.

Charlie discovers a dog tooth in a nearby grill, which allows her to recognize that the person who struck the dog may also be the perpetrator. She smells the same, notices Taffy's floss near the lock, and suspects Taffy to be the culprit. She then conducts a test herself to see if Taffy may be able to leave the station, kill George, assault the dog, and return within sixteen minutes.

Charlie learns that Taffy did not kill George on his own, thus she asks Austin to verify that she is also involved in the murder plot. Austin calls her Taffy and confesses to killing George.

Mandy tries to exploit Charlie's findings by allowing the sheriff to detained Taffy believing that his arrest would protect her. However, Charlie and Austin debunk Mandy's confession, which results in her being detained.

What Are the Reasons for Taffy and Mandy's Death of George?

Taffy decides to murder George when the former tells him that he wants to sell his share of the joint. Only for George to disclose that he had already approached a company to investigate the accounts of the joint in order to proceed with the sale.

Taffy may have already used the joint's accounts for his personal use. As Taffy demonstrates in detail, he is neck-deep in debts and George might be able to see it if he checks the joint's accounts. Taffy may have been worried that George would lose him if he didn't find out about his financial issues and how it has impacted his earnings or savings. Mandy encourages Taffy to leave the house and move to a random place of George's choice.

Mandy has spent a lot of time constructing Boyle's BBQ, and she is hesitant to forego the benefit of her labor. George's death allows her to take control of the restaurant's finances, particularly because Taffy has demonstrated how incapable she is. Thus, Mandy hopes to make Boyle's BBQ her own.

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