Genshin Impact's Perfect Sandstorm: How to Get the Achievement

Genshin Impact's Perfect Sandstorm: How to Get the Achievement ...

In Sumeru's Hadramavet Desert, the Traveler will have to visit the northern end of the sands and wander there for a while until a sandstorm overtakes him. In this article, we will explain in greater detail how to obtain this achievement.

Genshin Impact's Method for Getting the Perfect Sandstorm Achievement

The condition "We're going straight to atmospheric hell" must be fulfilled in order to get the Perfect Sandstorm achievement. In the Hadramavet desert, you will have to enter a sandstorm.

If you accidentally spot monsters during a hurricane, the surrounding area is very dimly visible. Be prepared for an unpredictable battle.

Storms may occur in the region, reducing visibility during exploration. It is clear from the map's appearance that it has begun. During a storm it becomes more cloudy and dark.

The closer you are to Mount Damavand, the greater your probability of getting caught in the middle of a hurricane. However, the gust may gust at any moment anywhere in the Hadramavet Desert.

If your visibility around you is starting to decline, it's a storm. Achievement will be completed automatically when you enter it first.

The fifth level of the genie Lilupar allows you to call and stop storms in the genie's Sanctuaries independently if you were previously unable to catch the storm. Complete the "Evergreen Dream" quest from the "Dirge of Biltzis" quest chain.

Au├čerdem, there is always the possibility to just sit in a safe area and just wait. After a while, the storm will begin in some way.


The achievement is located in the Wonders of the World section. Five primogems are given to him.

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