Due to a name dispute, Survival MMO has been postponed until The Day Before

Due to a name dispute, Survival MMO has been postponed until The Day Before ...

Due to a legal dispute over the name, the PC release of Fntastic's survival game "The Day Before" had to be postponed for more than eight months. The indie studio left it open to how much the whole thing would affect the console's release.

The Survival MMO "The Day Before" should be released not only for PCs, but also for current generation consoles. Fntastic is an indie studio with manageable resources, the folks who developed it decided to focus first on the PC release.

The anticipated PC release of "The Day Before" on March 1, 2023, as stated by Fntastic's legal department in the United States, is currently battling the name of the survival MMO shortly after the announcement of "The Day Before" in January 2021.

The Steam product page for the MMO's Steam product page was suspended a few weeks before the game's anticipated PC release, according to the rights holder.

The studio's claims reportedly were unnoticed.

The studio, which claims to be surprised by the current development, has now had to clarify some legal issues. This in turn meant that the release of the PC version had to be postponed from March 1st to November 10th, 2023.

Due to the development of the previous few days, the announcement of the extensive gameplay video, which should be released shortly, has been canceled. According to their own statements, the Fntastic creators will only be able to return to everyday activities and prepare the publication of the extensive gameplay video once the legal dispute over the name has been resolved.

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The official statement on current events surrounding "The Day Before" was released via Twitter.

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