Preload for Dead Space Remake: Today is the first day that the PS5 will have a download size

Preload for Dead Space Remake: Today is the first day that the PS5 will have a download size ...

The PlayStation 5's preload of the "Dead Space" remake will begin as soon as the afternoon. We already know how much free storage space you should reserve for the next edition of the horror classic.

The popular survival horror film 'Dead Space' makes a comeback in the form of a technically and playfully polished remake at the end of this week.

Thanks to the preload feature this afternoon from 5 p.m., anyone who has decided to pre-order the digital version of the new edition will be able to download the required data in advance. This ensures that you can start up on time for the sequel to "Dead Space."

As per the 'PlayStation Game Size' report, you will need to reserve 31.11 gigabytes of free space for the remake. As usual, we're only talking about the main game's size. If necessary, further updates will be made.

The present platforms are a classic comeback.

Motive Studios stated that they wanted to preserve the horror story that was released in 2008 while still keeping the original. One of the most interesting features of the remake is the fact that the protagonist Iscaac Clarke's adventure is presented to you in a so-called one-shot experience and therefore without camera cuts.

Motive Studios has decided to enhance the USG Ishimura by introducing additional areas. A move that the developers want to encourage you to open your mind and grasp the deeper mysteries that await you in the partially optional sections.

Isaac Clarke gets a voice actor in the remake after he was basically mute in the original "Dead Space." A new phenomenon that, among other things, should benefit the atmosphere.

More details on the Dead Space Remake: The Remake

The Dead Space Remake will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on Friday January 27th, 2023.

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