Is Hogwarts Legacy a Truly Magical Adventure?

Is Hogwarts Legacy a Truly Magical Adventure? ...

The Wizarding World franchise, which includes three "Fantastic Beasts" films, is expected to launch shortly. "Hogwarts Legacy," also a possible blockbuster game, was among the first journalists worldwide to mention the upcoming action-adventure as part of a preview event.

Welcome to Hogwarts.

After a brief introduction, we were permitted to choose our character from a surprisingly extensive character editor. Then we entered a name, we chose Vash Briefs, and off we went. The character is accepted as a new student at Hogwarts, and after a difficult intro we finally entered the school.

From the 90 minutes that we were allowed to see "Hogwarts Legacy," what the story will be about was only partially revealed to us. Poachers were also prominently mentioned during our journey, and how all of this will be told, is unclear.

We were permitted to look around a small area of garden where other students from the four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) were chatting, or just enjoying the beautiful weather. In addition, there was also a small mini-game called Accio that we could play here, which involved grabbing balls and making them stop in one of three marked areas.

A magical adventure

We flew over the aforementioned green area, past a Quidditch pitch – which we are not allowed to use in Hogwarts Legacy – and around a portion of the walls. We finally entered the school building.

Students scurried through the corridors, chatted with each other, books flew after them, and a brief side mission was also on the way. For this, we had to attract a magical moth with one of our spells and lock it in a picture frame.

We were permitted to enter the library, although there wasn't much to see there. The beautiful mood lighting and the warm colors throughout the greenhouse sounded very pleasant, which we, like some of our classmates, let sink in for a moment.

In these first moments, it is already clear that the ambience is right and we felt as if we were walking through Hogwarts ourselves, a place that was meticulously recreated for the action-adventure. The designers were definitely able to convey wonderful "Harry Potter" emotions in these first moments.

Potential is sparked by magical fights.

Although we weren't allowed to see the magic courses that are already shown in the trailers, our time with "Hogwarts Legacy" had more to offer.

Before we fought with classmates, we first practiced magic spells on a doll. The spells are divided into various color categories: Yellow magic is required to break a yellow shield.

After a few laps, we slowly became comfortable with the title's combat scheme, which we thought was a disaster. This was partly due to the beautiful effects that could be seen on the screen, as well as because of the well-choreographed dances.

We were able to choose from a wide range of spells, including unforgivable curses such as Crucio, in a later mission where we had to follow a group of poachers through the woods near the school. We also had the option of sneaking out some enemies with a small camouflage spell.

At the end of the preview event, a larger group of poachers sat in a large arena. In the meantime, it got pretty tense on the screen. With multiple enemies standing on different levels of the arena and spells flying around, it was a fantastic spectacle that unfolded before us, but it also became a bit confusing here.

During our time with the game, the hogwarts legacy combat system made a promising impression, and it was fun to think about how different spells might be used to surprise opponents, both as well as the possibilities to approach certain situations differently.

Is this a technical marvel?

Before we get to our preview conclusion, a few words about the game's technology. It's often the little details that make a game world believable. This is where the title's floating books and watering cans excel.

Everything seems coherent and in conjunction with the lovely sound effects and the well-done German voice acting, as if from a single source in the PlayStation 5 version we played.

The faces of several other NPCs, such as the students running around, appeared to be almost lifeless to us from time to time. In addition, there were sometimes clipping issues, muddy textures, and texture reloaders.

We had a great and much too short time with "Hogwarts Legacy." The action-adventure really made us feel as if we were walking through the halls of the iconic magic school, although many small details contributed to the cozy "Harry Potter" atmosphere.

Although our assessment is "only," we think that the mood in the magical teaching institution will enliven our curiosity, as well as the combat system. This should provide the opportunity for different playstyles, especially later in the game, when our character has learned several spells.

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