Hi-Fi RUSH is now available: gameplay and trailers for the new Xbox exclusive game

Hi-Fi RUSH is now available: gameplay and trailers for the new Xbox exclusive game ...

The Xbox Developer_Direct was broadcast on this evening, January 25, 2023. The game is entirely in Italian. The basic version costs €29.99.

Hi-Fi RUSH is a third-person musical action game with cel-shaded graphics. The moves and attacks help create an interactive soundtrack. The more powerful the attacks and skills become, the more powerful the fights become.

We are Chai, an aspiring rock star who is given the chance to perceive the entire world as if it were a soundtrack (and it is, for the players). For example, a platform moves according to the background beat. Listening to the soundtrack will be equally important.

Chai will be able to use a number of peopleages to their advantage, both during and after combat, while Macaron will be able to smash enemies' armor and knock them back. Hi-Fi RUSH will allow us to explore different environments, each with its own rock-themed music.

"After a shady procedure performed on him by a corporation accidentally caused his heart to splinter with a musical player," Chai must now fight for freedom in an ever-changing world where everything from platforming puzzles to enemy strikes and even colorful banter follow the beat."

In this rewarding combat, you'll be challenged by the beat and be able to perform flashy GO SO, special skills without fail, and even combo attacks with your allies! Want to be noticed? Exaggerate and use the pace to enhance your skills and earn S-rated marks.

"Lead a group of colorful colleagues and get to strike at the heart of a... heartless enemy company. Prepare to face the heads of every department, including production, marketing, accounting, and the growing motivation with which they defend the company's top management in the incredible fight sequences, each with its own dedicated song!"

"Get carried away with a playlist of original songs, including those from Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, The Joy Formidable, and others!"

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