Randy Gonzalez has died, but here are five things you should know about his father, who died at the age of 35

Randy Gonzalez has died, but here are five things you should know about his father, who died at the  ...

  • Randy Gonzales was the beloved father in TikTok duo Enkyboys.
  • He was diagnosed with cancer about six months ago.
  • He and his young son used the platform to raise awareness for his terminal condition.

Randy Gonzales, the father of the beloved TikTok influencer and father of his young son, died at the age of 35. He was known for his humorous and often heartbreaking videos.

1.He was a well-known Texas resident.

Randy Gonzalez was born in 1987 in Pearland, Texas. According to TMZ, a University of Texas cancer center denied him treatment because of his insurance. Fans and friends have stepped up in force and support this campaign has raised nearly $6 million so far. “I want to thank you all for sharing your love and support for Colon Cancer to all young men who have not heard about it. F CANCER!” he wrote on the fundraiser's main page.

The fundraiser for his death had surpassed $251,312.

Randy's son is also a television personality.

Randy's popularity has opened doors to his young partner. According to TMZ, Brice had previously played Chance in NBC's Lopez Vs. Lopez. And, according to Yahoo! News, he had also signed to an Eva Longoria project.

3.He was a husband.

After a lengthy courtship, Randy married Kimberly Gonzales in 2018. He credited his wife and the mother of his children with guiding him in deciding whether or not to undergo a colonoscopy. According to Newsweek, Kimberly encouraged him to undergo a colonoscopy.

"My wife advised me to get a colonoscopy because she thought it was an ulcer or something," he said. "It's all I really need, seriously is prayers."

4.He is the father of TK children.

Randy and his wife have two daughters, Lauren Gonzales and Aubree Gonzales, who have also appeared in Enkyboys videos from time to time.

Randy has been battling the illness for a while.

Randy declared in his April 2022 diagnosis that he had been dealing with the disease for six months. "I received an announcement to make, and it's not good," he said in the heartbreaking video. "Six months ago, I didn't even know how to say this, but six months ago, I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, colon cancer."

Randy continued to use the social media platform to increase awareness for the illness until his death. The duo's last video was uploaded on December 7, 2022.

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