From Phoebe Bridgers to Angelina Jolie, Paul Mescals has a girlfriend history

From Phoebe Bridgers to Angelina Jolie, Paul Mescals has a girlfriend history ...

  • Paul Mescal is an Irish actor who rose to fame in 2020 after he appeared in ‘Normal People’
  • Paul has been with Phoebe Bridgers since mid-2020
  • Fans are worried Paul and Phoebe broke up after she sang about being alone in a new song with SZA
  • Paul met with Angelina Jolie in London at the start of 2023, sparking dating speculation

Paul Mescal's career has skyrocketed since he was cast in the BBC's drama Normal People, which premiered in 2020. In 2020, the 26-year-old Irish actor began dating American singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers. Read on to discover who he dates. Angelina Jolie's relationship

Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers are both in the process of forming a foundation.

Paul's personal life is little known until after 2020, since he and the singer of "Sidelines" met on Twitter. Phoebe wrote in her response, "I'm officially dead."

Paul told Phoebe he loves his music, and she replied, "Well, that makes me blush."

Paul and Phoebe met in a June interview with NME and shared their Instagram posts. In November, the singer told GQ magazine that having a significant other during a difficult time had been a "lifesaver."

Paul and Phoebe walked the Met Gala red carpet together in May and Paul appeared in Phoebe's song "Sidelines" video in June (seen here). The snaps were taken from Phoebe's set of "I'm In Love With You" with The 1975.

Phoebe sang a verse in SZA's song, "Ghost in the Machine," which was released in December 2022, and the lyrics were written just weeks before the song was released, according to her NME interview.

Paul Mescal and Angelina Jolie have teamed up.

Angelina Jolie, 47, was photographed meeting Paul Mescal for coffee in London amid his and Phoebe's divorce rumors. However, an insider close to Paul quickly dispelled any and all dating rumors, according to a source.

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