Is Hogwarts Legacy a Truly Magical Adventure?

Is Hogwarts Legacy a Truly Magical Adventure? ...

Warner Bros.' "Harry Potter" franchise has steadily expanded with the release of "Wizarding World." As part of a preview event, we were among the first journalists worldwide to mention the upcoming action adventure here.

Hogwarts is a fictional world.

After a brief introduction to Hogwarts, we were permitted to customize our character in a pleasantly extensive character editor. Then all we had to do was choose a name, we chose Vash Briefs, and off we went.

From the 90 minutes we were permitted to see "Hogwarts Legacy," it appears to be about ancient magic, and poachers were also prominent during our journey. We do not know how all of this will end up being told, however.

We were allowed to peek around a small area of garden where other students from the four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) were just enjoying the warm weather. In addition, a small mini-game called Accio awaited us here, in which we had to manipulate balls and score points.

A magical journey

We flew over the aforementioned green area, past a Quidditch pitch – which we are not allowed to use in Hogwarts Legacy – and around part of the walls. Finally, we arrived at the school building.

Students scurried around the corridors, chatted with each other, and a brief side mission was also on the way. First and foremost, it was necessary to attract a magical moth with one of our spells and lock it in a picture frame.

We were also permitted to enter the library, but there wasn't much to do there. Despite the beautiful lighting and the warm colors, we felt at ease in the greenhouse.

In these initial moments, it becomes obvious that the mood is right, and we felt as if we were walking through Hogwarts ourselves, which was recreated with great care to detail for the action-adventure. In combination with the fantastic orchestral soundtrack, which reminded us a bit of the melodies from the films, the producers were definitely able to convey wonderful "Harry Potter" emotions.

Potential opponents face off in magical confrontations.

Our stay in "Hogwarts Legacy" had more to offer than a leisurely stroll through the massive stone walls. While the action was brief, we weren't allowed to see any of the magic courses that are already shown in the trailers.

Before we went to class with classmates, we practiced some magic spells on a doll. The spells are broken into different color categories: Yellow magic is required to break a yellow shield.

After several laps, we became comfortable with the title's combat system, mostly because of the wonderful effects that could be seen on the screen, as well as because of the well-choreographed moves that helped a fight go almost smoothly.

Because there are a variety of spells, we were able to choose from a wide spectrum of unforgivable curses, including Crucio. In a later mission where we had to follow a group of poachers through the woods near the school, we made ourselves invisible and could backstab the unsuspecting opponents in a real battle.

At the end of the preview event, a larger group of poachers sat guarding a large arena. In the meantime, the screen became quite chaotic. With many enemies standing on different levels of the arena and spells flying around, it was an impressive spectacle that unfolded before us, but it also became a bit confusing here.

Nevertheless, the Hogwarts Legacy combat system left a positive impression during our time with the game, and it was fun to experiment with different spells in order to surprise opponents. The fights have potential as a result of the interactions between different spells and the possibility to approach certain situations differently.

Is this a technique wizardry?

Before we reach our preview conclusion, a few words about the game's technology. It's often the small details that make a game world believable. This is where the title's floating books and watering cans excel.

Everything seems to be working together with the lovely soundtrack and the well-done German voice acting, as if from a single source in the PlayStation 5 version we played. We would have preferred to have explored Hogwarts longer and more closely.

Despite the fact that the faces of some other NPCs were almost lifeless to us, we also noticed a few construction sites.

"Hogwarts Legacy" was a great experience, although the amount of small details made it a pleasure to see. We wish we could have experienced more of that "Harry Potter" atmosphere.

This should provide opportunities for different playstyles, especially later in the game when our character has learned several spells, which is why our review is deemed to be "only" a "good." Nonetheless, we are confident that fans of this magical world will get their money's worth here.

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