Due to ESRB's evaluation, the release date for AEW Fight Forever has been pushed into jeopardy

Due to ESRB's evaluation, the release date for AEW Fight Forever has been pushed into jeopardy ...

Dennis Leschnikowski 01/25/2023 – 3:38 p.m.

The Yukes song "AEW: Fight Forever" was originally scheduled to be released last year. However, according to current accounts, the possibility of a release date is currently in jeopardy due to issues with the ESRB's age rating.

Yukes, a Japanese development studio based in Stockholm, developed the wrestling title "AEW: Fight Forever" for consoles and computers last year.

According to a recent Wrestle Zone report, nothing came out of the wrestler's planned release next month. For one, Yukes and THQ Nordic may be attempting to avoid their main competitor, WWE 2K23, which was previously scheduled for a March 2023 release.

According to Wrestle Zone, the North American Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) works on age rating issues.

Is it possible to prevent the teen rating when depicting violence?

The ESRB appears to have thwarted Yukes and THQ Nordic's efforts.

The Wrestle Zone report further states that the ESRB denied AEW: Fight Forever its teen rating, although more details are not available. Although it is speculated that the somewhat more dramatic depiction of violence and the depiction of blood might have been the deciding factor in the "WWE 2K" series.

"Wrestling Zone" explained that several attempts had already been made to meet the teen category of "AEW: Fight Forever" and thus broaden the target group of "AEW: Fight Forever." A possible release date for the wrestling title is currently pending due to no agreement with the ESRB.

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