Dead Space: These are the German speakers in the remake

Dead Space: These are the German speakers in the remake ...

The remake of Dead Space, which was released yesterday, should be available, provoking all kinds of fear and terror. Of course, the soundtrack is also crucial for a cozy ambience, but who does anyone hear in the German version anyway?

EA and Motive Studio are reviewing the voice actors from the Dead Space remake two days before they are released. The German speakers have also been explicitly introduced. Who will bring the sci-fi survival horror title to life?

Isaac Clarke, who was initially mute in the original, is now being played to music. In English, the main character is voiced by Gunner Wright, the official voice of Isaac in the second and third parts that follow later on.

Marios Gavrilis, who played Denver in Netflix's hit "Heist of Money," is also featured in the German version. Hammond is the chief security officer.

According to official information, here's a look at German voice actors, their voices, and their most famous projects.

Tom Jacobs – Isaac ClarkeThe voice actor and stage and television actor Jacob Jacobs has previously voiced the character Loba in the Netflix series "Money Heist" as well as other anime characters such as Dio Brando in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and "My Hero Academia."

According to official data, English voice actors, their performances, and their most famous projects are all listed at a glance:

Tanya Clarke – Nicole BrennanTanya Clarke reprises the role of Nicole, who she played in 2011's Dead Space 2 and served as a role model for Showtime's "Family Attachment" as well as Amazon's "Bosch" and Disney's "At Home With Raven." Faran Tahir – Challus Mercer

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