Netflix claims that it is becoming more obscenity to users

Netflix claims that it is becoming more obscenity to users ...

One of Netflix's biggest complaints over the years has been the platform's lack of clarity regarding the factors that determine when to cancel or renew a program. However, when it comes to deciding whether or not to cancel a series or renew another season, it's almost impossible to know what Netflix is thinking.

Netflix claims that it is becoming more oblivious to users.

Warrior Nun is canceled, but there are a few questions about why. Quite simply, she appeared to be quite successful, and as such all explanations seemed to make no sense. That's why fans gather to try to save their favorite shows, and in the case of the warrior nun, they have been persistent.

Ted Sarandos, the CEO of Netflix, has said that he is not sorry that series such as Warrior Num and others have been canceled.

Fans have been waiting to see if there is a solution since Netflix's Warrior Nun series canceled. Ted Sarandos shattered those expectations.

Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix, was asked about the business's evolution in a new interview with Bloomberg, stating that people are constantly upset by the cancellation of series.

Sarandos suggested that they never canceled a popular program rather than sympathize with viewers who had to say goodbye to the series or explain the reasons for the cancellation.

Sarandos claims that "we've never canceled a successful program." "Many of these programs were well-intentioned but aimed at a small audience."

Regardless of their intentions, the comments appear to underscore the disconnect between Netflix and its viewers. That is, this streaming service appears to have no remorse for canceling shows like Warrior Nun and 1899.

Adding that a series like Warrior Nun wasn't a smash hit without giving fans any context just makes them feel slighted and dragged down.

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