The DualSense features in the Dead Space remake for PS5 were integrated

The DualSense features in the Dead Space remake for PS5 were integrated ...

The PS5 remake of "Dead Space" will be released at the end of the week, among other things. The title supports DualSense features, as shown in a blog entry.

The PS5 remake of "Dead Space" is set to be released, to the delight of many gamers. The PS5 horror shooter has several benefits, as the DualSense controller supports them.

The DualSense functions are also used in the plasma cutter. Players press the trigger on the DualSense controller to trigger the weapon, and shortly thereafter, they hear the vibration of the weapon. The DualSense controller's trigger is then retracted again to initialize for another shot.

With the Pulse Rifle, players will feel a little vibration on the trigger as the expelled gas turns to flame. On the other hand, players will feel it give with every shot from the rifle.

Aptitudes in movement and haptic

Isaac's Magnetic Boots are activated when players enter certain non-gravity zones in Dead Space Remake. With haptic vibrations on the controller, the impact can be felt with every step.

Isaac's Kinesis and Stasis Modules will give players real-time "intense haptic vibration" feedback.

The "Dead Space" remake of the Dualsense controllers also includes acoustic gameplay feedback from the players, which helps them immerse themselves in the game. For example, when they pick up items, refilling Stasis energy, and using the tracking device, Isaac's RIG will be heard through the controller's audio output.

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The remake of "Dead Space" will be released on January 27, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. More information on the game is summarized in our topic overview.

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