Nerfs for Roadhog and three other heroes in Overwatch 2

Nerfs for Roadhog and three other heroes in Overwatch 2 ...

Dominik Kaufmann | 01/25/2023 – 05:17 p.m.

A New Blizzard Hero Shooter Update! It nerfs several heroes that previously weren't ideal in their roles. A few bug fixes are also included.

Overwatch 2 is now available for download. Many changes will prevent the opponent from being eliminated with only one hit in the future. This usually happened when he pushed the opponent towards him with his chain grapple.

Sojourn is the next nerfed hero. Her primary weapon has long been considered to be too powerful, which is why the development team is now adapting: Her railgun now produces less damage per shot, while her railgun benefits less from critical damage and damage increases. On the other hand, shooting at armored opponents and other tactics leads to quicker energy gains.

Kiriko, the healer, gets a boost. Previously, the developers' average healing value per match was excessive, thus the recovery time is now somewhat shorter. The players simply focused too much on their primary purpose.

Orisa's health bonus has been reduced from 125 to 75, according to Blizzard. In this case, the player is not allowed to make a comment.

A few minor bug fixes were also included.

One of the improvements is the ability to adjust the step sound, which should make it simpler for you to hear enemy footsteps.

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The second season of the free-to-play shooter is currently underway. The next season will begin in February.

Blizzard is a game development studio based in the United States.

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