This 4TB NVMe SSD for PS5 or PC is now at about 50 off

This 4TB NVMe SSD for PS5 or PC is now at about 50 off ...

News good deal Sale: This 4TB NVMe SSD for your PS5 or PC is almost €50 off.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 21:10

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NVMe SSDs continue to be expensive products, and sales offer a great opportunity to equip yourself at a lower cost.

This 4TB Crucial P3 Plus has been sold for €283.06 on eBay.

With the decrease in the price of HDDs a few years ago, storage became cheaper and cheaper, but technology has advanced, and today we find prices that can go as high as they go.

Amazon has a €283.96 price tag for the P3 Plus 4TB.

Regardless, the HDD is still a very attractive option for those who prefer speed and performance over frequently used games. SATA and now NVMe SSDs have virtually taken away the show from their big brothers.

The Crucial brand's NVMe SSD has 4 TB storage and is designed to appeal to gamers who don't like to juggle their different titles.

Nevertheless, the investment, which is usually sold for €331.41 on Amazon, deserves a lookout. The sales are a good opportunity to obtain a significant price reduction since with a 15% discount it is about 50€ that are withdrawn from the invoice. So you will be able to take advantage of a price after a €283.06 reduction for this 4TB model.

Sales are a great storage partner.

Players are aware of this often, but the sheer amount of games and their updates is increasing. Yet, on the other hand, on the other hand, manufacturers have shown some reservations to cut manufacturing costs.

So a PS5 can quickly run out of storage, but Sony has taken the time to listen to you and you may, precisely thanks to current NVMe SSDs, benefit from a very pleasant extension if you don't want to play roulette with your favorite games and downloads.

This NVMe SSD allows you to store a large amount of games or applications on your PS5 or PC.

The on write speed is capable of churning out games in under 4200MB/s, allowing you to download your games quite quickly. Besides, you will also benefit from reduced or almost imperceptible loading times as a result of its high read speed.

Amazon has a €283.96 price for the P3 Plus 4TB.

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