Tango Gameworks Announces a New Game: Hi-Fi RUSH as a Surprise

Tango Gameworks Announces a New Game: Hi-Fi RUSH as a Surprise ...

Tango Gameworks, the legendary Bethesda studio, presented a brand new game at today's Xbox Developer Direct. It's not that surprising that it's already out.

Today, Xbox held a Developer Direct, a live stream event similar to a Nintendo Direct in which they discuss upcoming Xbox and Bethesda titles. This particular showcase featured new gameplay for Arkane's Redfall, a gameplay trailer for Minecraft Legends, an announcement for the next Elder Scrolls Online expansion, and more. One of the most surprising surprises, however, was the introduction of a brand new game from Tango Gameworks called Hi-Fi RUSH.

Tango Gameworks, who developed the classic horror titles The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, as well as the somewhat subdued Ghostwire: Tokyo in 2022, has decided to step outside their usual supernatural comfort zone with this brand-new title.

Hi-Fi RUSH is a new entry into the new Action-Rhythm game genre, popularised by games like Crypt of the NecroDancer and Metal: Hellsinger. However, this is a combo-based action game in which our hero Chai goes to battle a world of corrupt robots and evil mega-corporations.

Each combo string can be concluded with a Beat Crash, a special finisher that can be timed to the music's beat to execute some powerful final strikes. However, you must stay within your means to make combat feel smooth and fluid. There are some big rewards so it's best to train yourself.

A True Beat-Down

From its zany comic book art style to its action-oriented combat and rhythm-based premise, Hi-Fi RUSH is a major departure from anything Tango Gameworks has previously developed.

Following their previous release, Ghostwire: Tokyo was a smash hit in both critical and commercial terms. One of the greatest complaints against that game was the repetitive and same-stamp open-world gameplay and the way it conflicted with the spooky and inspired imagery. This is something that Hi-Fi Rush seems to be actively avoiding with its complimentary colorful art style and flashy approach to rhythm-heavy combat.

Hi-Fi RUSH is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. It is also available for free as part of Xbox Game Pass.

SOURCE: Xbox Developer Direct

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