The Forza Motorsport Reboot Will Be The Most Realistic Racing Game to Date

The Forza Motorsport Reboot Will Be The Most Realistic Racing Game to Date ...

Turn 10 Studios took the stage for their second presentation, revealing their latest installment in the Forza franchise, the rebirth of Forza Motorsport.

The release date for the project has been unknown, other than it is anticipated to be released sometime this year in 2023 and will be available on PC and the Xbox Series X | S. This is to be their most significant endeavor yet, with the main goal of creating the most realistic racing game possible.

The Realm

Over 100 new cars will be added to the franchise's total of over 500 cars, which players may collect, race, and customize with over 800 unique upgrades.

Everything you do when you accelerate, corning, or brake, even when you crash, will feel like you're seeing, hearing, and experiencing the real thing.

Every aspect of the game being rebuilt from the ground up with the highest level of quality. Even the lighting and shaders are spectacular. Both are contextualised through simulations of paint thickness, chipping, and directionality.

Even the audio system has been rebuilt from scratch to help players have an authentic audible experience. I know how this works. It's simple to understand how sounds work in an acoustic space, but it's also powerful at enhancing smaller details like tire and suspension sounds.


The game will also come with 20 different environments and tracks, as well as several fan favorites that have been completely rebuilt from scratch. In the presentation, we saw a glimpse into one of the five new songs from the Forza franchise, Kyalami.

The environment and the tracks are treated the same as the cars with all the aforementioned enhancements to the visual aesthetics of the cars. This ensures that every lap you won't be driving in the same race.

The reflections from smooth mirror and flat glass surfaces are uncanny in real life thanks to real-time ray tracing.

Chris Esaki, the Creative Director for the new online multiplayer racing mode, teamed up with a single-player career focusing on automobile construction to round out the presentation.

The whole breakdown is available here (via GameSpot).

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