Tomo-Chan is a girl! Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Tomo-Chan is a girl! Season 1 Episode 4 Recap ...

Tomo-Chan is a Girl from the Crunchyroll anime series, Season 1 Episode 4, which includes spoilers.

Jun (Rie Takahashi) has never expressed his feelings for Jun (Kaito Ishikawa), but fans have learned a lot about him as the dynamic around them slowly changes. Will this be the week Jun realizes his feelings are changing, or will he remain implacable as Tomo attempts to restart their relationship?

Tomo-Chan is a girl!Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Misuzu walks to school when Tanabe greets him. He's interested in hearing her smile, and Tomo wonders if Misuzu thinks she's smiling more because she still has feelings for him.

Misuzu asks Tanabe if he likes her throughout the day, and he replies that he does. She then encourages him to approach her like a real person so she may reject him with a smile.

Misuzu replies that she does not mind if Tomo asks her if she is smiling so much because she still loves Jun. She does however, understand that Jun can look that way to other people.

Tomo wonders if she and Misuzu can be gentle with her own girlfriends. Misuzu is surprised she feels that way. She tries to be playful with others once she touches their shoulders. She asks if they can do it once.

Carol approaches Tomo and offers to embrace her instead, causing her to become suspicious. Tomo attempts to hug several other people to see if it fits the same. Meanwhile, Carol begins hugging Tomo every time they see one another.

Tomo tries to say hi to Misuzu in the morning, only to receive a short, irritated reply, causing Carol to believe Misuzu is irritated with her. This leads Carol to believe this is her fault.

Misuzu apologizes to Tomo for being clumsy and replies that she would prefer to be more physical with her. Jun always appears to be all over her, yet when Tomo attempts to hug her, he pushes her off, causing Tomo to lash out physically.

Tomo discovers Jun in her room after her father requested that she wake up. Akemi, Tomo's mother, slams him, saying, "Tomo's father, Gorou, does pretty much everything in the dojo these days." We then learn that Gorou finds himself incredibly flustered in the presence of Akemi, which Tomo calls "lame."

Jun asks Tomo if she thinks her father's response is cheesy. She respects the fact that her father always came by her side when she needed her.

Carol urges Misuzu to have lunch with Jun instead of Carol as she feels like she is important to him in a sisterly way, which contradicts Carol's view of him.

Mifune and Ogawa get to Tomo for advice on a jerk Ogawa encountered at a mixer. Tomo promises to take care of the situation and goes with Ogawa to tell the boy that she is not interested in him. When he is rude to them, Tomo kicks the guy in the chest, knocking him out.

Jun hears the same jerk talking about beating up Tomo later that evening, before confronting his friends as well. The jerk and his friends show up to apologize to Tomo, unaware that Jun forced them to do it.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! has been fairly consistent these last few weeks. This was another adorable episode that continued to grow out these characters, making this romantic comedy worth watching. It's their interactions that really help the jokes to land and make this comedy worthwhile. In the final few weeks, these episodes have made me enjoy this series even more.

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