Recap of the Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 4

Recap of the Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 4 ...

Bungo Stray Dogs, a Crunchyroll anime series, has recapped its fourth episode, called "A Perfect Murder and Murderer (Part 1)," which contains spoilers.

In episode 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs, fans return to the present moment after the first few episodes, which were intended to lay the foundation for what will follow next. It's clear that these were meant to be about the past.

Season 4 Episode 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs is a recap.

The episode begins with a strange man dragging a body on the top of a building. He then stabs it with a shovel.

Ranpo visits Kunikida in jail, accused of murdering a young girl who he claims to have detonated the bomb in question herself. Ranpo believes he is being framed by Fyodor and promises to remove him.

Ranpo encounters Poe, who is awaiting to pick up something. After Ranpo explains that he wears a bear costume for disobeying orders, he tells him that the Rats (run by Fyodor) have a "Cleaner," or someone capable of spotting Ranpo's face. Instead, Poe looks out for Ranpo.

Poe begins telling Ranpo about a mystery he's been working on, although he's uninterested at first, he becomes interested in Poe's explanation of the novel's premise about a writer who's been murdered in the same manner as one of his stories. Kindaichi, the author's character, is murdered, and the murderer steals the final chapter of his manuscript.

Ranpo solves the mystery of the murder by explaining the perpetrator's motives in a detailed manner. Then, Ranpo and Poe discover a large red envelope leaning on the window. Just then, a body falls from the top of the building onto the street.

Poe and Ranpo wonder if the Rat killed the Cleaner in order to silence him. However, when the cops arrive on the scene almost immediately, Ranpo realizes the killer must've called the cops themselves to remove him. However, after observing the scene and uncovering several elaborate clues, Ranpo realizes this was all the Cleaner's doing, in terms of the shoes the victim wears.

The Cleaner is shown in the crowd, revealing everything as planned before triggering his ability: The Perfect Crime. The ability erases all evidence and traces of a crime so effectively that even Ranpo is stunned when he realizes he is incapable of freeing Kunikida or explaining why Fyodor surrendered.

Fyodor calls Oguri Mushitaro, the Cleaner, to say that he has freed him from his captors on the condition that he use his abilities for his organization once. Mushitaro agrees, but not before describing several conditions and demands, including being kicked out of the country just a week after committed another crime.

Mushitaro flees the scene unhurt, knowing that the detectives will never discover him, especially since he's had surgery since the last time he saw him. When Mushitaro asks where he'll get a taxi, he panics, not wanting the detective to see what automobile he'll be picked up in.

Ranpo approaches the Armed Detective Agency and offers to take him to the station instead. There, Ranpo explains that he's a detective looking for a culprit whose shoes would currently be too small for him.

Ranpo discovers that the real culprit in the crime is the red envelope. In an effort to enthuse the detective, the Cleaner used his friend Poe and the author, because killing the author was the only way to acquire both the envelope and the manuscript in the first place.

Although the flashbacks were fun, there's something nostalgic and special about seeing the Ranpo we already know and love work as an established detective in this episode. This episode seemed to take place not long after the conclusion of the seasons three events, and it's nice to see that we'll continue on to the next few seasons.

It almost feels like the season is starting over. This episode was clearly laying the foundation for the rest of the season, and while it was exciting, it felt like a whole new beginning. Still, it was enjoyable and left me curious for what comes next.

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