The last story that was forgotten in the new tome remains Dead by Daylight

The last story that was forgotten in the new tome remains Dead by Daylight ...

For the first time in the game's history, the next chapter of Dead by Daylight is on the agenda.

Tome 14: Treachery has been announced as the next chapter in the horror game Dead by Daylight for the first time. Vittorio Toscano, who played the knight in the chapter "Forged in Fog," is the story told in the new tome.

A dark, medieval setting can be expected, as well as a Resident Evil collection.

But first, back to the topic, which will introduce the community to Tarhos Kovacs, aka The Knight, who resisted the codes of chivalry in favor of violence and power, and survivor Vittorio Toscano, who was told to spend eons in the realms of the entity to wander. New challenges focused on the powers and abilities of these characters are designed to assist you master their gameplay, while cosmetic rewards continue the medieval theme.

The moonlight cave in-game event will be decorated seasonally, with additional bloodpoints and themed cosmetic rewards on the way.

Two new collections were released yesterday: The Resident Evil x Lunar New Year Collection includes stylish, very rare outfits for Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, as well as a legendary outfit that transforms "The Blight" into the "First Form G," once known as the William Birkin from Resident EvilT. Feng Min and Vittorio Toscano wear stunning outfits to commemorate a dark Lunar New Year celebration.

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