Microsoft expects that the PC market's sluggishness to last

Microsoft expects that the PC market's sluggishness to last ...

The PC market's depreciation will last a long time, at least according to Microsoft's assertions. The 39% decrease in Windows OEM revenue is attributed to major hardware manufacturers, such as HP, Lenovo, and Dell, which sell PCs with Windows preinstalled.

The drop in Windows sales is indefensible, in that it is strongly linked to the decline in PC sales, since there have been no significant changes in the offer (no migration to Linux, for example).

Microsoft has issued a statement claiming that the decline in the PC market was consistent with a very strong prior year. This is already clear from companies like Canalys, which reported a 26% decrease in the PC market in the last quarter of last year and 16% in comparison to the whole of 2021. Nonetheless, sales in 2022 are still higher than they were in the previous year, since the pre-pandemic period.

Microsoft anticipates a 30% decline in OEM Windows in the first quarter of 2023, although sales will likely return to pre-pandemic levels. We'll see.

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