Sony XM4 bluetooth headphones compete with the Airpods Pro at a reduced cost in terms of sales

Sony XM4 bluetooth headphones compete with the Airpods Pro at a reduced cost in terms of sales ...

The Sony XM4 bluetooth headphones are attempting to compete with the Airpods Pro at a reduced price in the news.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 22:00

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During these winter sales, Apple is racing ahead in wireless headphones with its Airpod collection, but sound artists are attempting to occupy a market for Sony's XM4s, which are benefiting from a price decrease.

The Sony XM4 is priced at 199€.

Apple's wireless headphones are now almost entirely from scratch, and the market for them continues to expand, whether it's due to the variety of products or the players trying to make their mark on the market.

Amazon has refurbished Sony XM4 headphones for €199.49.

Apple's strike force, although a player outside the audio world, has managed to create a sector on its own that is now unable to regain control.

Sony, a well-known name in the audio industry, is seeing itself trailing behind other players who are less influential but yet more prepared for this new market.

Sony has reintroduced the XM4 to the wireless noise reduction headphones market, which is now available for purchase at Amazon for 199€ for the duration of these winter sales in 2023.

Sales: Noise reduction isn't the only reason they're interested in selling.

If Apple is to be successful thanks to its marketing staff, but also, we cannot deny, that Sony is capable of claiming the same about the marketing department, and yet, the brand has many arguments to make concerning these wireless headphones.

These headphones benefit from the Japanese company's expertise and certification Hi-Res Audio. You can not only enjoy DSEE Extreme sound but also the LDAC management provided by the V1 processor that powers these headphones.

This included because to the fact that they are automatically able to run for 8 hours without interruptions, they are in their category. This data is especially important when it's activated for noise reduction.

Speak-to-Chat technology analyzes surrounding noise to create a clear and audible voice for your interlocutors, thereby facilitating enjoyable musical walks.

Amazon has purchased Sony XM4 headphones for €199.49. Fnac offers the same quality of goods as the Sony XM4.

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