ChatGPT does not work at certain times of the day, and the reason for this is simple

ChatGPT does not work at certain times of the day, and the reason for this is simple ...

News JVTech ChatGPT is not available at certain times of the day, and the reason for this is quite simple.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 20:50

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The ChatGPT artificial intelligence sometimes encounters a few difficulties: in some instances, it might be impossible to access this online service at a certain time of the day. This is logical, and it is possible to readily adapt to it.

For the time being, ChatGPT is still free, and this drives tens of millions of people to utilize it on a daily basis. If you log in at certain times of the day, especially from 4 p.m. from France, you are at a high risk of being confronted with a message advising you that the platform is inaccessible due to a shortage of supplies. And even when you connect, a message appears.

ChatGPT was affected by a massive server overburdening on January 11th. You should know that OpenAI's artificial intelligence puts a lot of strain on its servers' resources, and sometimes they don't hold a charge.

Avoid certain hours in order to use ChatGPT.

In France, chatGPT servers tend to peak mainly in the middle of the afternoon. This time of day corresponds to morning in the United States, a region of the globe where ChatGPT is very popular. Right now, 4 p.m. in France corresponds to 10 a.m. in New York, 9 a.m. in Chicago, or 7 a.m. in Los Angeles.

Therefore, log in to your account before 4 p.m. instead of late in the morning, as you should not have much trouble using it in the evening.

ChatGPT is offered as a paid version... but it isn't saturated.

OpenAI has announced the inclusion of a paid version of ChatGPT: among the benefits given to those who choose to utilize artificial intelligence, we find in particular the absence of a limitation due to the saturation of the servers and the answers provided more swiftly by the algorithm. This paid formula is billed $42 per month.

The free version is still available, but it remains vulnerable to server saturation... and this should unfortunately continue. So, whenever you use ChatGPT, make sure you stay away from peak hours.

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