Genshin Impact Wind Omen Spirits and Manifestation Mechanisms: How to Find One

Genshin Impact Wind Omen Spirits and Manifestation Mechanisms: How to Find One ...

Genshin Impact's Wind Omen Spirits are a unique wisp that starts to circle around the Traveler after becoming familiar with the corresponding construct. It will take time to complete the implementation mechanismmarked with a column of light, in the allotted time to receive a "surprise" reward in the form of ordinary and rich chests.

We'll discuss the locations of all wind omen spirits in the Hadramavet Desert as well as offer helpful advice to assist in quickly solving riddles with their manifestation strategies.

How to Solve Riddles with Manifestation Mechanisms and Wind Omen Spirits

Puzzles about the wind omen spirit are simple to solve:

The spirit itself is an aid in moving toward certain structures after interaction with the structure. Hermits and other inhabitants of Hadramavet block the journey to these structures, thus making it imperative to have heroes in the squad that will accelerate travel around the globe.

What to Keep an Eye on:

In Genshin Impact, where can I find all Wind Omen spirit puzzles?

7 wind omen spirits in the Hadramavet desert. Next, we will consider the location of each structure separately, and also present a brief route to the embodiment mechanisms attached to them.

Use the teleportation point near Haj Nisut and travel west. Once you notice the design, click the interaction button (default "F") to activate the Wind Omen Spirit.

Continue running north, passing a small pool of slimes. Cross the wall of the ruined temple.

Keep moving forward. The next pedestal for the spirit is the last point: the incarnation mechanism is located on a platform with steps on the left side.

The award is a regular chest.

If you can only use the general map, go to the Hermits' camp located near Wadi al-Majuj, the burned temple's central section. Kill the hostile nomad, activate the wisp, and start moving eastbound.

The first construct, built on a hill nearby, has a Ruin Warden roaming around. A four-leafed symbol ensures that Fatui's skirmishers are never hurt.

The next pedestal is the last one. The incarnation mechanism is located near the walls of a decaying temple, where is the Sanctuary of the genie.

A rich chest.

The third spirit awaits the Traveler near Wadi al-Majuj, where the above light was activated. The group can be used as a guide. big pyro slimeswandering on the sand.

Follow the road to the north while activating the structure. There will be molds on the pedestal; at the second, located in the northwest direction, there will be Earth Geo Moroviks.

The last construct, in the form of an incarnation mechanism, is not too far away, namely, in an abandoned camp adjacent to the dunes.

Plan to him across the cliff. Take as a reward regular chest.

Run to the road that runs over Mount Damavand's eastern territories.

Take the blue light and climb the hill, passing a group of Hermits – you may also use the withered tree and the four-leaf symbol as a guide at this point. Return to the original position, following the column of light.

Turn to the northeast and from the dunes' cliffside, plan to the next structure. After that, climb down from it and, having equipped the glider, fly to the incarnation mechanism.

Take the reward in the form of a regular chest after dealing with the Guardian of the Ruins.

Use the teleportation feature to reach the fifth spirit of the wind's omen.

After activating it and focusing on the light column, proceed eastbound. After passing a tree's mitered bark, turn towards the Sands of Al-Azif, where you may use the teleportation point as a guide.

After ignoring the Pyro slimes, turn left in a southeasterly direction. The next Sanctuary of the genie is the incarnation mechanism.

The award is a regular chest.

Take the blue light once you have reached Mount Damavand's northern zone.

After bypassing the damaged obelisks, take a seat on the illuminated pedestal. Climbing up the dune to stretching Anemo moldagain go to the edge and, having equipped the glider, descend.

Move east, focusing on the light column located on the territory of Qusayr al-Inhid, and return to the abandoned crumbling temple for a quick travel. Keep in mind that there are four-leaf symbols.

The standard chest is a prize.

Stop at the Primordial Obelisk near the Primordial Obelisk between two points of teleportation of the Earth via three channels: external and underground. Reactivate the structure located on the wall of the destroyed temple.

Turn north and past the swaying Pyro molders, climb the dunes to reach the next pedestal, then reverse your course toward the northeast and drop down the cliff.

The glider will then be equipped once more to safely enter the third Wind Omen Spirit Refuge along the way. The incarnation mechanism, in turn, is located next to one of the Hadramavet desert's graves.

A prestigious award.

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