In Genshin Impact, she will vengeance. How to Get the Achievement

In Genshin Impact, she will vengeance. How to Get the Achievement ...

In Genshin Impact, a hidden achievement in the Hadramavet Desert's quests and secrets, she will get her revenge. The following question is asked: "Will the villains and their oracles know about this day when the avenger will unleash her righteous anger?"

We will walk you through the process of achieving the achievement. She will ask for your vengeance and guide you on what actions you need to take to get closer to the goal.

How to Get the Achievement In Genshin Impact, She will have her revenge.

For the time being, there is no specific guidance on how to open the achievement in question. The reason for this is that some of the content released with the release of patch 3.4 is restricted to travelers and travelers of Teyvat and will only be available during the second half of the update.

Despite these issues, there are still two concerns about what might impact the reception of "She will have her revenge":

The Hadramavet desert is first and foremost a must-see. Nameless stone tablets are strewn throughout the Hadramavet area. They look like this:

To get a personal genie, you must complete the entire "Dirge of Bilcis" chain as well as complete "Memory of Gurabad."

Second, all tasks from the chain "Her enemies rage like waves" that are currently inaccessible must be completed (opens February 6 2023). It is quite probable that the remaining tablets will be collected or another condition will be fulfilled during the completion of the missing quests.

The above assumptions are being tested. We will update the article when more information becomes available.


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