This 55-inch 4K Smart TV will cost you only 449.99 on Amazon

This 55-inch 4K Smart TV will cost you only 449.99 on Amazon ...

This 55-inch 4K Smart TV costs only € 449.99, according to news good deal sales.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 20:00

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The TV market is always in a state of flux, and sales offer an opportunity to add a layer of it, as with this 55-inch 4k television that costs around 500 euros.

Hisense is having a major impact on sales with this TV's price.

There are a few options when it comes to buying a new television. Either you are looking for a brand because you are expressing yourself as a consumer. In this situation, we generally prefer premium brands that are lauded for their innovativeness and attractive products.

On Cdiscount, you can get the Hisense 55E7HQ for €449.99.

Unless you are looking for a price, it may be prudent to choose brands that are less popular with us, but who nevertheless benefit from a certain skill.

We are focusing on Hisense, a Chinese company that is one of Asia's leading television companies, yet it is often confined to a low-budget manufacturer image. We owe that largely to the brand's strategy of selling low-cost products.

Today we can see the house on which we will be constructing, which is usually sold for 576.12€. This Hisense 55E7HQ has been selected by Cdiscount, a French e-commerce giant, for which you can receive a further €449.99 discount.

Hisense Sales: This SmartTV is a QLED display.

More and more manufacturers are reverting to the practice of offering their own products, as is the case here. This is an opportunity to acquire this technology at a lower cost.

The 55-inch diagonal ensures that none of your favorite movies will be missed, and with the help of the Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ software, you will be able to enjoy it in top condition. The sound is taken care of as much as possible in your programs as a virtual sound spatialization.

The interface is intuitive, with a large library of applications, including of course the streaming applications, which allows you to enjoy your favorite content in a simple and fast manner. Players, on the other hand, benefit from VRR with HDMI 2.1 support, of which three ports are available on this TV.

At Cdiscount, you can get the Hisense 55E7HQ for €449.99.

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