The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation connected speaker loses 20 pounds!

The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation connected speaker loses 20 pounds! ...

News good deal Sales: the connected speaker Google Nest Hub 2nd generation loses 20€!

Published on 01/25/2023 at 19:20

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Are you looking for a connected speaker with a good screen and Google Assistant? The 2nd generation Google Nest Hub might make you fall for it! For the third time in a row, Darty sells this tiny tech gem for €20.

The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation's price drops by €20 for the sales, and that's a third markdown.

The Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen speaker is for you if you need a powerful connected speaker that will allow you to control your Smart Home devices with Google Assistant. Available at Darty for a fantastic price, it starts at €99.99 for only €79.99.

On the occasion of the third markdown of the 2023 winter sales, you can get one of the finest smart speakers on the market for less!

At Darty, you can get the Google Nest Hub 2nd generation for €79.99.

The Google Nest Hub connected speaker, which is the main competitor of Amazon's Echo Show, has more than one string to its bow in order to entice people to smile. Its dimensions are 177.4 x 120.4 x 69.5 mm for 558 g.

The speaker has a very thin 7-inch screen that displays useful information every day (weather, messages received, etc.) and a brightness sensor that dims the screen depending on the ambient light.

It's possible to launch music or YouTube videos very easily and with a single voice command on the device. You'll only need to use your Google account to launch your content on the device. You can monitor your connected house, set alarms.

The 2nd Gen Nest Hub has many outstanding features, including an analysis of your sleep, detection of excessive light and sounds that might disrupt your nights sleep, and a gesture sensor that allows you to stop the music, as well as a reminder of your Google Photos.

The second generation Google Nest Hub opens up a vast array of possibilities beyond what a basic connected speaker provides. Its user interface is intuitive and intuitive.

The Nest Hub has a 43.5 mm transducer on the audio side. According to Google, the sound quality is excellent, and you may even pair wireless speakers to your Nest Hub to enhance the sound quality and turn it into a stereo player.

Three mics are capable of recording your voice anywhere — and you can activate it as soon as you enter a new position. Assistant responds usually quickly when you say the activation command – "hey, Google".

The Nest Hub 2 is compatible with Android and iOS.

At the moment, the third drop in sales is causing the Google Nest Hub 2nd gen to be priced more than €79.99 at Darty!

At Darty, you can get the Google Nest Hub 2nd generation for €79.99.

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