This popular app may be following you on Android!

This popular app may be following you on Android! ...

There is one thing most people avoid doing without when it comes to smartphones. They are usually free and even have some nice widgets. However, in many instances they are a security danger. Check out this useful Android app.

Android: This popular app might be following you!

Meteorological applications are usually simple, lightweight, and straightforward to construct, which is why there are so many.

Weather apps require certain permissions to function properly — at the very least, they typically require location access. This, of course, makes perfect sense. However, what makes sense (at least from a functionality standpoint) is a weather app that shares your contact data.

Generally, people don't mind sharing personal information in exchange for a service. However, the main problem is that this may arise.

AccuWeather, a well-known app, was discovered to be sending users' location data to third parties in 2017. This included people turning off location sharing on their smartphones, as ZDNet reported at the time. Reveal Mobile is a company focused on data monetization.

The Los Angeles District Attorney filed a lawsuit against the Weather channel's application in 2019, alleging that no one was aware that users' location information was sold to third-party businesses.

The New York Times surveyed 20 popular weather apps in 2021. Of those 20, 17, 17 collected user data for advertising purposes, while 14 collected people's locations for the same purpose.

We don't have to use the smartphone's built-in weather app anymore. There are at least two safeguards for personal data, both safe from disclosure to third parties.

Hello Weather, a simple application created by Electric Dream Machine, includes information on pollen quality, wind speed, map layers, and more. The pro version also includes customizable widgets, multiple themes, and additional notification options.

The game is available on the Play Store for Android and the iPhone app store.

This app is extremely intuitive to use and has all of the necessary information, yet it doesn't overwhelm the user. Most importantly, it's free of advertising and only collects the information it requires to function correctly. According to the company's privacy policy, the application only uses location data to show users the weather in their area.

It is available on the Play Store for Android and iPhone, as well as on the App Store.

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