Is there any hope for a sequel to this hyper-bloody film with David Harbor (Stranger Things)?

Is there any hope for a sequel to this hyper-bloody film with David Harbor (Stranger Things)? ...

News culture Is it possible that the sequel to this hyper bloody film with David Harbor (Stranger Things) will be made?

Published on 01/25/2023 at 18:48

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Santa Claus gifted us a wonderful present for the end of year celebrations in 2022: Violent Night, a film that lives up to its name, and which will be released in the future!


Santa Claus like no otherIt's already a sequel to Violent Night!

Santa Claus like no other

Tommy Wirkola, a Norwegian filmmaker well-known for tender films, reveals a certain Violent Night at the end of last year. Except that little Kevin is replaced here by an angry Santa Claus... yes, you read that correctly. This Santa Claus, played on screen by David Harbour and Sheriff Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, will indeed have to make fists speak in order to save a child's Christmas.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, we learn that a sequel to this film that will be released on December 2, 2022 might see the light of day, much sooner than we anticipate.

Already a sequel to Violent Night!

Tommy Wirkola, himself, said in The Wrap columns that he is actively working on the sequel to Violent Night, alongside Pat Casey and Josh Miller, two screenwriters who are also working on the third chapter of Sonic's cinematic adventures.

Gleichzeitig, the filmmaker promises that this sequel will bring back the myth of this aging Santa Claus more fully.

Violent Night was not the most popular film of the year, although it is true that there was a certain Avatar 2 ahead of him, the feature film nevertheless had good results at the box office. In particular, it made 75 million dollars, while its budget for its part was somewhat modest, at around 20 million dollars.

This sequel to Violent Night is obviously in the works for the time being, although we can already anticipate it to arrive in Christmas 2024.

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