A Free Demo for PC version of SteamWorld is now available on Steam

A Free Demo for PC version of SteamWorld is now available on Steam ...

Thunderful has just released SteamWorld Build, a new chapter in the SteamWorld series. This time we are talking about a "city builder", which follows Metroidvania-style, strategic, and deckbuilding chapters. It is therefore a further move that might leave some gamers confused.

The SteamWorld Build demo is now available on Steam, in a completely free format. The game is coming this year on an undetermined date, but it does give you an idea of the game's strengths.

The SteamWorld Build demo contains English voices and Italian lyrics. The file measures 790.3 MB. We'll have to build houses for the steambots, feed them, and keep them entertained while also exploring the mines.

SteamWorld Dig does not require system requirements at this time, but most PCs should be able to play it with little effort. Also, check out the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

"SteamWorld Build is the surprise you didn't anticipate," we wrote in our review of the game. The new game starts from an excellent management structure and tries to construct us literally beneath a new layer of gameplay, the mines, whose contours are at the moment somewhat too vague. "SteamWorld Build is a must-have item, but first, we must know what's inside the mines!!"

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