Recap and Conclusion of Shadow Episode 17

Recap and Conclusion of Shadow Episode 17 ...

Natsume and Alexia journey through the Royal Capital in search of their friend and the Prince of the Oriana Kingdom, Rose, who is also a popular musician. Rose finds herself in a position where the whole world turns against her and her body slowly gives up to the injuries.

Recap of Episode 17 of The Eminence in Shadow

Cid wakes up from a nightmare, his friends knock on his door with the intention of trapping Rose in order to win the 10 million zeni prize. He flees his house when he notices that his sister is coming to meet her. He remembers how in his previous life, people almost left her alone because of his interest in music.

Cid goes to the theater to see if someone has reincarnated like his. However, Epsilon has managed to master the important lessons learned by him. Natsume and Alexia go to the Royal Capital in search of Rose. They are still unable to understand their friends' motivation for attempting to conceal their involvement.

Why Did Rose Attack Perv Asshat, According to Shadow Episode 17 Ending?Was it a wise decision?

Rose recalls the mistake that put her in this position: the Princess of the Oriana Kingdom approached her father in the royal capital. She was surprised to realize that the King was being manipulated and her fiance is running the Kingdom in his name.

Rose wanted to make sure that the same would not happen to other kingdoms after her father was free of the Cult influence. However, she did not do anything to prevent her from dying in the Royal Capital underground tunnels.

Is Rose Helped by Shadow?

Rose sits in the underground tunnel of Royal Capital, contemplating the mistakes she has made and the horrible conditions she is in. She remembers that Cid has promised her she would always believe in her. She dreams that in an ideal world, she would have saved her father and married Cid to live a long happy life. However, in this moment of extreme hopelessness, he suddenly hears some playing the Moonlight Sonata.

Naturally, this makes no sense, so Rose wakes up to discover what is happening. Shadow, the mysterious pianist, presides over Rose, who he says she did not choose to be in this situation. But the Princess of the Oriana Kingdom insists she did not intend to be in this position. He offers to grant her power on the condition that she continue to fight for her beliefs.

Rose is now too powerful and manages to defeat all of the Cult members with just one swing of her sword. Natsume and Alexia are quite surprised to see Rose and her friendship unravel. Eventually, Alexia is forced to defend herself and abandons Alexia in an unconscious state with Natsume.

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