Fans of Nipsey Hussle lash out at the family guy over the resurfacedJoke

Fans of Nipsey Hussle lash out at the family guy over the resurfacedJoke ...

Nipsey Hussle's fans have taken issue with a joke made in an episode of the popular show Family Guy about his late father's plans to attend a music event called Quachella.

Hussle's name is omitted during the scene due to the holographic performances by the deceased rap artists that will be performed during the concert. However, the character appears to use Hussle as a punchline while attribution his significance to the public's interest following his death.

In the episode, which originally aired in April 2021 and is titled "Young Parent Trap," the character admits that Tupac and Nipsey Hussle will be hologrammed. A social media user shared the clip of the scene in question while highlighting the disrespect paid to Hussle.

“A family guy joked about a super-duper-pocket bruh,” a user wrote in a tweet, which prompted others to critique the joke and decide whether or not it was appropriate or inappropriate. “Don’t forget these people built Cleveland and had him voiced by mike Henry,” a Twitter user wrote.

Several social media users defended the show, claiming that the quip was in poor taste and its context was inaccurate. Another user added that the show has included references to several people in pop culture beyond, regardless of race or societal background.

Nipsey Hussle died on March 31, 2019, after being shot down outside of his The Marathon clothing store in Los Angeles. The rapper was 33 years old. In July 2022, Eric Holder Jr. was found guilty of killing Hussle over a verbal disagreement before the shooting. He will face life in prison.

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