Renfield: The Plot, the Release Date, and More!

Renfield: The Plot, the Release Date, and More! ...

Chris McKay's new American comedy horror film, Renfield, is directed by Chris McKay. The film is based on Robert Kirkman's original idea and a reboot of Universal's Dracula series.

The Mummy was returned to the first position in the series after the negative reaction to Dracula Untold, which was also a failure. Universal decided to concentrate more on individual narrative and stop following the shared universe concept. There are less possibilities for the franchise to be revived in the future.

Renfield's release date has been set.

Universal Pictures will release Renfield on April 14, 2023, in theaters. Filming for the film started on February 3, 2022, in New Orleans.

On February 8, around 20 vehicles owned by the production crew were burglarized, exactly the same day as the film was shot.

Renfield's plot and cast

Renfield's plot follows Count Dracula's lackey Reinfeld as he discovers a new beginning in his life in New Orleans when he falls for Rebecca Quincy, a traffic officer.

Nicholas Hoult played by R. M. Renfield, Rebecca Quincy played Awkwafina, Vanessa played Bess Rous, Teddy Lobo played Ben Schwartz, Ella played James Moses Black, and Mark played Brandon Scott Jones.

Trailer for Renfield

The official trailer for Renfield was released two weeks ago. Check it out here:

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