Season 1 Episode 11 Recap Lets Break Up

Season 1 Episode 11 Recap Lets Break Up ...

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11 on Netflix has been recapped. There are spoilers in the episode.

This story was always going to cause tears. People do not like to be upset in the long run, and Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok) should have known better.

This Korean Drama has a lot of potential, and the difficulties that arise serve a lot of lessons. It's refreshing to see a Korean Drama take a risk with respect to situations, something that has become far too common in modern culture.

Season 1 Episode 11 of The Interest of Love is a recap.

Su-yeong narrates that she made her dislike of Sang-su too obvious, and it's accompanied by scenes of their "unspoken moments" on the ice rink. There's no hesitation. They just enjoy the moment.

Su-yeong decides to leave the ice rink and tells Sang-su that she wants him to pretend it never happened. However, Sang-su does not wish to pretend anymore, and he expresses his gratitude. He tells her clearly that he is willing to assume responsibility.

Su-yeong invites Sang-su for a drink and asks him to play "The Lying Game" with her, where everything she says is made up. She describes herself as a woman who received everything growing up, essentially, describing Mi-gyeong. Sang-su describes a life where he went fishing with his father and won the lottery.

Su-yeong tells Sang-su that she liked him first and that she forgets about her difficulties when she is with him. Then she concludes the game. Was she lying? Was she speaking from the perspective of Mi-gyeong?

Mi-gyeong enjoys dinner with her family, and her father cruelly informs her of her early promotion. She returns home to an empty house, shocked by her father's admission. Sang-su calls her repeatedly, but she misses her because she's so sensitive. It's torture; Sang-su decides to turn off his phone and hold Su-yeong's hand.

Jong-hyeon asks Su-yeong if he can stay longer and pay her back over time, and he apologizes. Su-yeong apologizes as well, and asks him to take his time to move out.

When Sang-su is about to volunteer, Gyeong-pil intervenes and volunteers too. Sang-su asks Su-yeong if she'll be moving branches for a few months because of him.

Mi-gyeong is retaining something that she cannot have. Sang-su demands time to talk, but she keeps telling him that she's busy. Mi-gyeong is letting this continue till Sang-su decides to break up.

Sang-su meets Su-yeong at her new job, which is located at the same university as Sang-su used to attend. They talk peacefully together, and Sang-su describes what it was like to be a student. Gyeong-pil sees them both walking together from a distance.

Gyeon-pil invites Su-yeong to a drink with other subbranch colleagues later on, and he informs Sang-su via text. While out, Su-yeong is harassed by other colleagues, but she defends herself in this embarrassing moment.

Sang-su is clearly experiencing a lot of emotions, and he tries to hold a conversation with Mi-gyeong, but she resists him for a second. Sang-su meets up with Gyeon-pil for a drink. His colleague tells him that he must give up his feelings for Su-yeong before the situation gets too much. Gyeon-pil asks Sang-su if he will break up with Mi-gye

Su-yeong bumps into Jong-hyeon, who is smiling ear-to-ear as he prepares to meet Seon-jae. It's almost like Jong-hyeon and Seon-jae like each other secretly. When Su-yeong presses him about it, he refuses to accept Seon-jae.

Sang-su gets a surprise when he meets Jong-hyeon and Su-yeong for Mi-gyeong's birthday. They are praising each other for the adorableness they both display.

Sang-su apologizes and asks Mi-gyeong to leave to talk to him.

Sang-su attempts to talk to Mi-gyeong about Su-yeong in the car. Mi-gyeong refuses to speak, leaves the car, and throws up. Sang-su apologizes and asks Mi-gyeong if they can break up.

Jong-hyeon is enthralled by Su-yeong's claims.

As truths surface, this is developing into a surprising Korean Drama brimming with drama and life lessons.

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