Apple's melancholic tearjerker Dear Edward Season 1 has been reviewed by the viewer

Apple's melancholic tearjerker Dear Edward Season 1 has been reviewed by the viewer ...

Dear Edward Season 1 of Apple TV+ is reviewed. There are no spoilers.

Dear Edward is a melancholic tearjerker that has the potential to enliven thousands of viewers in 2023, whether it's a horror film making you jump or a comedy making you laugh.

Season 1 of Dear Edward Review and Plot Summary

This Apple Original series, based on Ann Napolitano's 2020 best-selling novel of the same name, follows Edward Adler, the only person to survive a tragic plane accident. Along with others, the series explores Edward's agony as he grieves his parents and his brother, virtually his entire world.

Edward's Aunt Lacey (Taylor Schilling) is one of those in attendance. Lacey lost her sister in the accident and now finds herself responsible for her troubled nephew. He has become a household name, but their attempt to keep him safe from the adult world and all his crazy fans' ramblings.

Dee Dee (Connie Britton), a concerned congresswoman, learns about the many secrets her husband kept from her, and she goes to America to care for his niece Becks, played by Amy Forsyth (CODA), who lost her boyfriend in the disaster.

Is Season 1 of Dear Edward a success?

Dear Edward is a difficult topic to categorize, especially when you focus on the show's main topic, which happens to be the show's strength and its weakness, all in one, due to its manipulative nature. This is a tragic story, that is never going to be forgotten, and for the most part, it's just me.

The cast and crew of Friday Night Lights and Orange Is the New Black have crafted an incredible display of emotions.

This depressing drama series will not be for everyone, and the emotional manipulation is about as subtle as a hammer, but the formula works. You desire to see these individuals improve and progress after such a tragedy, and you connect with their pain on a personal level.

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