Forget about the Slim and Pro consoles in PlayStation 5!

Forget about the Slim and Pro consoles in PlayStation 5! ...

As we previously reported, it becomes increasingly evident that Sony has given up on the prospect of launching a PlayStation 5 Pro, instead focusing only and only on the development of its main competitor's next generation console.

Given the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the market, it makes sense! Something that not only hampered manufacturing, a phenomenon that is still felt in several countries, but also increased the cost of raw materials of any technological product.

Sony has yet to sell enough PlayStation 5 consoles to contemplate a 'Pro' console. Nonetheless, component costs remain high, and hence, launching a PS5 Pro would always cost prohibitive (it was no accident that Sony raised the price of the PS5 last summer!).

A further problem is that Sony may abandon plans for the PS5 Slim, which would be better known only and only by its original name, PlayStation 5.

Therefore, the PlayStation 5 Pro was put in the drawer, and apparently, despite the fact that Sony intends to develop a new PlayStation 5, there are no plans to use the name 'Slim' for the same reason!

Sony is planning to release the new console as an add-on, likely for €99, to simplify manufacturing.

The external reader will not work in the current PlayStation 5 version, according to what has been released.

Also, what do you think about all of this? Did you want a Pro version and a Slim version, or do you like Sony's current strategy? Do you agree with our findings?

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