Samsung's QD-OLED superstar gets a 600 reduction in sales, thanks to a 65 inches reduction

Samsung's QD-OLED superstar gets a 600 reduction in sales, thanks to a 65 inches reduction ...

News good deal Samsung's QD-OLED star gets a 600€ discount on his 65 inch screen.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 17:30

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Samsung's huge comeback in the OLED segment is attempting to take the spotlight off LG, the other industry leader in the OLED segment.

This 65-inch QD-OLED QD-OLED has sold for less than €2,000 in sales.

Samsung stated loud and clear that OLED was not their intention due to the inherent fragility of the panels a few years ago. The manufacturer preferred to concentrate on the high-end QLED televisions.

Boulanger's 65-inch Samsung S95B is now available for €1,990.

Samsung's first QD-OLED TVs, benefiting from an aspect that they've always wanted on their televisions, were unable to continue to compete with LG.

Despite its price, the novelty comes at a cost, and at the conclusion of this television signing a new era in the Korean brand was then promoted for the price of 2690€. If the price is high, given the novelty and the diagonal offered, it must be recognized that it was not that far from the rest of the market.

Despite the cost of the transaction being relatively large, the sales represent a very welcome opportunity, since you will receive no less than €600 in discounts during the timeframe. Thus, the 2000€ limit is no longer exceeded, and you may get this model for a few days on the Boulanger website.

Samsung's Quantum technology benefits an OLED television with increased sales.

Samsung loves to refer to Quantum Dot, and this is equally true for these new OLED televisions that have in-house technology. The objective is to minimize as much as possible one of the main disadvantages of OLED, namely a significantly reduced brightness. Thus, Samsung increases the brightness and colors of this model for a better appearance.

Samsung's expertise has allowed the company to maintain its fundamentals. Especially when it comes to lower sources that are suitable for the 4K of this model.

Since the Dolby Atmos is embedded in the game, immersion is critical. As for the visual, it benefits from stunning contrasts thanks to the HDR 10+ support. Players are not left out either as with HDMI 2.1 support, you will be able to play most recent generation consoles or PC games in the best conditions with the support for 120 frames per second.

Boulanger's 65-inch Samsung S95B is priced €1,990.

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