You may become a dark witch or wizard in Hogwarts Legacy

You may become a dark witch or wizard in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The consequences of Hogwarts Legacy will be severe.

Moira Squire, the Narrative Director, spoke out.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated new games of 2023, allowing us to explore the famous wizarding school while allowing us to make our own characters. However, according to the developers, we will get a chance to experience the Dark Arts for ourselves, at the cost of our magical reputation.

The Unforgivable Spells are three cruel spells that give the caster power over their victim. Crucio is used for torture, Imperio for body manipulation, and finally Avada Kedavra is used for the final destruction of the victim.

Kelly Rowland, the lead designer, talked about how casting these spells might affect a character's standing among their classmates.

Squire cautions that there are limitations before plotting to murder his pals. Spells aren't taught at school, and the player chooses whether or not to learn them.

The select element will be a major component of Hogwarts Legacy.

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