Unusual: he tries to save a high-end gaming PC that was discovered in a trash can, but nothing goes as planned

Unusual: he tries to save a high-end gaming PC that was discovered in a trash can, but nothing goes  ...

News JVTech Unusual: He tries to save a high-end gaming PC discovered in a trash can, but nothing goes as planned.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 16:45

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A Reddit user claims to want to repair a computer that was left in a garbage can because it had high-end components. Unfortunately, his ambitious experiment ended in a failure. He is not giving up!

LivingHereNow, a user of Reddit and more specifically of the PC Master Race/PCMR community, recounts in detail the task of restoring a gaming PC discovered in a dumpster.

A high-end gaming computer is tossed in the trash.

A Radeon RX 580 graphics card with 4 GB of dedicated RAM and two RAM modules for a total of 16 GB were also included in the computer, which was built as a tower with a Plexiglas window.

The "refurbishment" of this badly deteriorated computer required work. Indeed, several components were in a disrepair, such as the old rusty and dusty cooler. He claims to have bought a new power supply, and has used all original components to restart the machine. Despite the poor condition, everything remains functional...

Restoring a computer from garbage is a complex task.

In one of his last posts, a Reddit user explains that his approach turns out to be a tumultuous and unpleasant process: “I cleaned and mounted everything, I managed to boot into the BIOS, then run Ubuntu from a flash drive,” he says. Sadly, the system crashed during the installation, lasting 20 minutes.

"I suspect overheating due to a lack of thermal paste on the CPU and lack of thermal pads on the GPU," he adds. However, he had to purchase thermal paste and a "cheap SSD" to try another rescue. "I hope to be back with good news," he said.

A zealot handyman who refuses to admit defeat

Given the terrible situation that LivingHereNow was in when he discovered it, it appears like a miracle. Ultimately, he may be able to invest in new coins, which is far from his original aim.

Nevertheless, if you discover a PC that seems to be in good repair, nothing stops you from doing the experiment yourself: after all, you are not immune to a pleasant surprise!

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