Ellie actress believes a second season of The Last of Us is on the way

Ellie actress believes a second season of The Last of Us is on the way ...

Bella Ramsey anticipates a second season due to the popularity of The Last of Us. In the following interview with the BBC, you can find out what she said.

Bella Ramsey met with BBC to discuss the "The Last of Us" series, which is currently on everyone's minds.

'I think a second season is quite possible if people keep watching,' she said. It depends on HBO's employees.

At this point, she has to state, "Nothing's been confirmed yet, so we'll have to wait and see."

Ramsey has returned to Leicestershore following the Los Angeles premiere. Nevertheless, even in her home country, she is confronted with the ongoing HBO series everywhere.

"I was doing my driving exam the other day, which I failed, and I kept driving past the billboards, which was quite strange," the Brit said.

Participating in the show might "convert" you to "Maybe"

Ramsey stated that she was not a video gamer prior to filming The Last of Us. She has recently begun playing the post-apocalyptic action-adventure genre herself. As a result, she seems to have developed a fondness for video games.

"It's really cool, I really like it. I think being on the program might have influenced me," she says.

Ramsey believes video games are "much richer" than she could have imagined as a non-gamer. She believes it's "really cool" that games work in another medium. The "The Last of Us" series might even serve as a model for future video game adaptations.

"It's a good illustration of how video games may be adapted in the appropriate hands," says the actress.

The Last of Us: More information

Since January 16th, the program has been available on Sky and WOW in Germany. A new high was reached with the second episode, which premiered a few days ago. In the United States, 5.7 million people tuned in, the highest level of viewership ever.

More information on The Last of Us

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